The web application of the textbook has at this moment the following videos:

  1. Vector Ground Reaction Force (GRF) during gait for a healthy subject. Look at the progression and direction of the GRF (yellow line) during the stance phase.
  2. Combined rotation of the lowerleg and the foot, in contact with the floor. The combination supination and external rotation is best visible. By putting your fingers at the lateral edge of the tibia, the rotation is very well noticeable.
  3. Anatomy and functional anatomy of the lower leg and the foot. This video will be visible soon.
  4. Physical examination of the foot. This video will be visible soon.
  5. Communication with client/patient. There are three times two versions, any time a version with ‘do nots’ and a version with ‘do’s’. 1) Explanation and taking measurements, 2) delivery and 3) checkup with unsatisfied patient. This video will be visible soon.
  6. As soon as available, we will add new videos.


April 9: We found out that the videos do not appear well sometimes. We apologize for this and will resolve this as soon as possible.