Do’s and Don’ts in person-centred communication in pedorthic pootwear prescription – six videos

In six videos we follow Mrs. Jansen. She is a women in her mid-sixties, has rheumatoid arthritis, and she is troubled by pain while walking. She visits the pedorthist for a solution with custom made foot orthoses. In the first video-serie the pedorthist explains that he cannot help her with foot orthoses, but that she needs custom made pedorthic footwear. These are videos 1a (don’ts) and 1b (do’s). The second video-serie shows the delivery process of the pedorthic shoes. These are videos 2a (don’ts) and 1b (do’s). The last serie shows the fourth visit of the patient, who is not satisfied at all. These are videos 3a (don’ts) and 3b (do’s).

The videos can be seen at you tube via the links below.

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1a: First visit; don’ts

1b: First visit; do’s

2a: Delivery of pedorthic footwear; don’ts

2b: Delivery of pedorthic footwear; do’s

3a: Fourth visit; don’ts

3b: Fourth visit – do’s