Background knowledge

1 The evolution of human walking
Egbert Otten

2 Functional anatomy
Huub J.L. van der Heide, Klaas Postema

3 Biomechanics of Gait
Jan P.K. Halbertsma, Klaas Postema, Marga Tepper

4 Typical development of the lower limb in children
Jessica F. van Hoorn, Corine G. van Es

5 Physiological changes during ageing resulting in foot- and walking problems
Karen Mickle

Examination, design aspects and model of workprocesses

6 History taking and physical examination of the ankle and foot
Gerardus M. Rommers, Jessika F. van Hoorn, Klaas Postema

7 Clinical Gait Observation and analysis
Marga Tepper, Jan P.K. Halbertsma

8 Laboratory Gait analysis
Sicco Bus

Different aspects of pedorthic footwear

9 The process of providing pedorthic footwear
Yvonne F. Heerkens, Rob Verwaard

10 Indication Matrix Model: Modelling plans for treatment
Rob Verwaard

11 Pedorthic lasts
Bert Donders, Klaas Postema

12 Footwear: structure, function and construction
David Sutton, Ernie Tye

13 Materials in pedorthic footwear
Trudi Sonderkamp, Fred C. Holtkamp

14 Adaptations to shoes and foot orthoses
Gaston Jansen, Rob Jansen, Karl-Heinz Schott

15 Orthotic management for lesser toe deformities
Helen Branthwaite

16 The rocker profile
Juha M. Hijmans, Roy Reints, Laurens Kouwenhove

Aspects that are essential for getting satisfied clients/patients

17 Ensuring acceptance and wearing of pedorthic footwear with person-centred communication
Jaap J. van Netten, Anita E. Williams

18 Foot related exercises for the Malalignment syndrome
Nick Flore

19 Tips and Tricks in pedorthic consultancy
Klaas Postema, Dennis Janisse, Karl-Heinz Schott, Gerardus M. Rommers

20 Do’s and don’ts for person-centred communication in pedorthic footwear prescription
Jaap J. van Netten, Renze Arnold, Klaas Postema

Examples of footwear that can be made in circumstances with limited possibilities

21 Sandals for low income countries
Dennis Janisse

22 Toos Rook Modular Shoes (TRoMS)
Toos Rook

Foot and gait problems of children

23 Cerebral Palsy
Jules Becher, Erich Rutz

24 Neuro muscular diseases in children
Fiona Hawke, Joshua Burns

25 Hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy (HMSN) in children
Joshua Burns, Amy D. Sman, Caleb Wegener

26 Spina Bifida in children: directives for footwear and ankle foot orthosis footwear combination (AFOFC)
Elaine Owen, Barbara Ivanyi

27 Foot deformities in children
Kelly Gray, Joshua Burns, Klaas Postema

Foot and gait problems of adults

28 Peripheral Nerve lesions
Marc J. Nederhand

29 Aquired brain injury
Mark van der Heide, Marga Tepper

30 Heridary neuropathy – Charcot Marie Tooth
Harmen van der Linde

31 Foot deformities
part A: Hallux Valgus, hallux rigidus, hammer, claw and mallet toes
Kaori Shionoya, Klaas Postema
part B: Flat foot
Kaori Shionoya
part C: Cavus foot
Klaas Postema, Huub J.L. van der Heide

32 Degenerative and overload conditions
Erick Janisse

33 Partial foot amputations
Gerardus M. Rommers, Klaas Postema, Jos Hermus

34 The post-traumatic foot
Elvira Tijdens, Martin Stevens, Kiki H. Eekhoudt

35 Diabetic foot: primary prevention and the patient in remission
Pooja Rajguru, John Miller, Klaas Postema, David G. Armstrong

36 Reumatoid arthritis
Rutger Dahmen, Agnes F. Hoeksma

37 Sport and Overload Injuries
Hartmut Stinus


Contributing authors