The book “Pedorthic Footwear; Assessment and Treatment” is published in April 2018 by the foundation BERJALAN.

The editorial board is chaired by Klaas Postema and the members are Karl-Heinz Schott, Dennis Janisse en Clemens Rommers. The editors all have a longstanding professional experience in pedorthics as medical specialist and pedorthist.

In total 54 authors from seven different countries. Most authors are practicing medical specialist, podiatrist, pedorthist, movement scientist, engineer or physiotherapist.

The book provides a wide scope of contributions and is devided in seven parts:

  1. Background knowledge
    Functional anatomy, biomechanics, typical development of the feet and physiological changes in elderly
  1. Examination, design aspects and model of workprocesses
    History taking, physical examination and gait observation are basic aspects that get ample attention in this book.
  1. Different aspects of pedorthic footwear
    Aspects and influences of the last on the shoes; An ample description of all adaptations that can be made; Material choices and possibilities; All about the rocker profile with latest evidence.
  1. Aspects that are essential for getting satisfied client/patients
    Foot related exercise; Usability and adherence; Communication
  1. Examples of footwear that can be made in circumstances with limited possibilities
    Two complete descriptions of high quality shoes and sandals.
  1. Foot and gait problems of children
  2. Foot and gait problems of adults

The book ends with a thesaurus, of which we hope it will be an aid for the reader.

Hard cover. 578 pages and more than 550 illustrations and 33 tables.There is a website application with different videos. The videos are free to use for educational purposes. There is also a page with some errata.

Content of the web-application:

  • Anatomy and functional anatomy of the lower leg, ankle and foot.
  • Physical examination of the foot.
  • The ground reaction force in normal gait.
  • Communication in three parts: first contact with the pedorthist, delivery of new pedorthic shoes, and control. Every part has two versions, one in which the ‘do nots’ are outlined and the other in which the ‘dos’ are outlined.
  • Gait pattern of Stroke patient with and without pedorthic shoe. The patient is described in chapter 29.
  • Errata
  • Extra content will be shown on the website.

The price of the book is € 91.00 for Western countries and € 40,00 for Low income countries. Shippingscosts are free.

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