Privacy Declaration BERJALAN

From May 25, 2018 the new European General Regulation Privacy Protection is effective. The Foundation BERJALAN, therefore, the Foundation BERJALAN made a Privacy Declaration.

The website of the Foundation has links to other websites, from companies that take care of your payments for the book. Via email the Foundation BERJALAN gets information of these companies, as PayPal, concerning your name, address, emailaddress and phone number. Part of this information is also going to the distributor for sending your order. The Foundation BERJALAN is not responsible for the privacy regulations of those companies.

Goal of this data collection:

  • At the discration of the payment of the ordered books.
  • Name and address to be able to have the distributor to ship the book “Pedorthic footwear; Assessment and treatment” to you.
  • In case of claiming the information is used to check whether the claimer can be identified as buyer.
  • The data are used to determine the number of books sold in different countries. Also it will be determined how many books are sold to low income countries and to high income countries.

What is the Foundation BERJALAN doing with your information:

  • Your information is stored for 7 years. This term is laid down by Dutch law.
  • Your information is kept in a, with an extra password protected, map. It is also kept in the icloud of Apple.
  • Your information is NOT sold.
  • Your information is NOT made public.
  • You only will get an email of the Foundation BERJALAN when you ask for that or when there are questions/problems about the payment/delivering of the textbook.

Who has access to your information:

  • The director of the Foundation BERJALAN
  • Boardmembers of the Foundation BERJALAN. They will only take access if control is required.