Activity report 2018

Various scientific associations in the Netherlands and abroad were asked to post a review on their websites, newsletters and scientific journals. Various associations have responded to this. Unfortunately, some have promised, but never implemented it. In December, the first real review was placed in the Dutch Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. This review was very positive. The other magazines only posted information.
The sending of the books was via a company in Rotterdam. In order to have a better view on the shipments and to reduce costs, Klaas Postema arranges the shipments since the beginning of June. Advantages: good overview, fast handling, no handling costs and lower shipping costs. Shipping to far country remains very expensive (€ 24.00 per book).The price used for the low-income countries comes to € 4.50 less than our cost price. The books for Indonesia are now being sent to Surabaya in lots of 12. From there, the books are further distributed individually. With this procedure the price is more or less on the cost price. This option does not exist for other low-income countries.
In the past year we received two donations from two orthopedic shoe companies, together € 2,000.00. We have decided to provide books of this gift to (former) students of the “These shoes are made for walking” course in Hanoi. It concerns 38 students. There are currently 25 books sent. The other students were asked for their address by mail. We also donated six books to the Rehabilitation Medicine training libraries in Indonesia. The students were asked to respond so that we get material for the website and both companies. After the presentation of the book at the International IVO Congress in Toronto on 13 and 14 April 2018, 322 books were sold (15-12-18) in 28 different countries. This concerns 243 books in the high-income countries and 79 in the low-income countries. Naturally, all authors received a copy.
AVG (General Data Protection Regulation). The data we collect does not involve a high risk in nature and number. Therefore, we do not need to perform a data protection impact assessment. We have posted a privacy statement on the website. The personal data are stored in a separate folder with extra password.
Sales via the website fell sharply in December. All authors received an e-mail requesting to forward the attachment to their contacts. Positive responses received, but no clear sales. A post on LinkedIn resulted in selling a book. Extra circular actions and LinkedIn post actions will follow.