Policy plan 2019


Two experts will be asked to carry out a cash check.

The focus will be entirely on the sale of books.
With the sale of 350 to 400 books (depending on distribution over high- and low income countries and costs) the break even point is reached. As an objective for the 2019 sale, the board chooses 355 books. With a distribution of 80 and 20% respectively, the break even point will be reached then.

Klaas Postema will contribute in March to a symposium of the NBOT (Dutch Association of Orthopedic Technologists).

In May, the International Symposium of the Diabetic Foot will take place in The Hague. Some 1500 people are expected here. All authors who contributed to the book will be asked to pay attention to the book.

In November 2019 a Dutch ISPO symposium will be organized around orthopedic footwear, in connection with the publication of the book. Klaas Postema has been asked to act as a co-organizer.

Consultations will take place at the end of December with a LIVIT representative. They want to organize a day for the professionals where Klaas Postema will give a presentation and they want to give their involved professionals a book or offer them with a big discount.
Klaas Postema was also asked to give a lecture at a day for the professionals of the OIM. They too want to give their professionals a book.

In January consultation takes place with the team leader Podotherapie of SAXION (Enschede).

We will have to make even more PR!