1st Berjalan course is a great success

End of January 2023 Berjalan presented the first live course in Surabaya, preceded by two webinars in which the essential theory was presented. 

Topic: Texas Turbo ventral Ankle Foot Orthosis. To make an individual AFO that is optimally suited for walking an optimal collaboration between the doctor and the orthotist is essential. Both knowledge fields have to be combined. During the total course, doctors and orthotists were together working on the orthosis. It was great to see all the discussions between them, after one day. They clearly saw the different knowledge fields both professions have and how worthwhile it is to combine them. In groups, the orthotists with the doctors made two orthoses. The experience with the first one made it already much less difficult to build the second one. We had the advantage that we could use the Gaitlab in the dr Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya, which made finetuning easier. During the evaluation, the doctors and the orthotists were very enthusiastic about the course and asked if we could come back next year with a comprehensive course. Picture: Doctors and orthotists design the orthosis in a mutual discussion.

The course was presented by Mark van der Heide, CPO and orthopedic shoe-technician, and Klaas Postema, physiatrist NP